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Riichi Mahjong


Play mahjong the way you want to

Riichi Mahjong


Play mahjong the way you want to

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Save and view replays of any game.
What if you hadn't discarded that tile?
Switch to live play at any point when viewing a replay and try your luck again.
Share replay files with your friends.



Singleplayer and multiplayer modes.
Configurable game rules.
Multiple AI opponents with different playstyles.
Tutorials and instructions for new players.

About Riichi Mahjong

Table flipping


Dealt into a big hand?
Flip the table to reset the hand and try again!
Or turn off table flipping for serious games.

Learn how to play


Tutorials for new players.
Explanations of the riichi game rules.
Help modes such as discard suggestions and score estimations of possible winning hands.